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Thread: [Confirmed] Illusions positioning is wrong

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    [Confirmed] Illusions positioning is wrong

    Summary: the spawn positioning of illusions is too close to the original hero.


    might be the same for other illusion skills and rune.
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    Noticed that too. makes it weaker vs AoE spells. And in Wc3 there is a chance to get on a cliff that way
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bashtime View Post
    Noticed that too. makes it weaker vs AoE spells. And in Wc3 there is a chance to get on a cliff that way
    about a cliff -> you CAN get on a cliff with manta in d2 for sure (especially easy at river -> dire ancients to pull off

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    dota 2 always uses same pattern for all illusions, but in wc3 it depends on illusions number i guess, and bootle illusions always spawns in front of hero in wc3, but in d2 bottle works same way as manta

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    From what I see on the .gifs lunatic3k has provided, W3 generates illusions by putting them on a circle. Depending on how many illusions they are going to be, it divides 360 degrees into (illusion-amount + 1), and puts you and the illusions on random spots on that imaginary circle with an 360/(illusion-amount + 1) angular distance between each unit.


    Collision circles succeeded the collision boxes on W3.
    But this thing about distributing illusions into grids is an unfortunate drawback.

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    mirror image also had a projectile in DotA whereas in dota 2 it seems to just hide you and show an effect

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