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Thread: HOWTO: Make Your Own Announcer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skrawafunda View Post
    Just a quick question: is it possible to customise your own mega-kill announcer without sending it to the Workshop? If so, how is it done?
    Sorry for the bump. I was also wondering if this is possible? I thought I heard that valve made it so you can't use custom announcers anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HostaMahogey View Post
    Sorry for the bump. I was also wondering if this is possible? I thought I heard that valve made it so you can't use custom announcers anymore.
    If you could if would be kinda dumb as you can just record the sounds from a real announcer and put them into your "own" custom announcer to use.. Still i would love to do it^^ Back in the old days everything was so much easier, like Grandia 2. Every line was a simple .wav file you could edit to your hearts content. Funny when "Sworn enemies, you shall be defeated! Sky Dragon Slash!" changes to "GALAXYYYYYYYYYYY BREAKEERRRRRRRRRRRRR".
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    Eh, I know its different, but in HoN, they allowed you to do custom announcers, even though you could potentially just "copy" an announcer like that. You were basically buying an announcer so you could let other people hear it-- when you got your kill sprees etc. Even though you could mod it, a lot of people still bought the announcers.

    If I'm correct, you can do client-side/custom hats in tf2. It just seems like a big blow to the modders and people who just want to customize their game a bit.

    I don't know much about it, but I feel like there should be a way (if they really need to) to protect their own announcers, but allow people to mod the game in that non-gamechanging way.

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    So this guide has been out for a year and a half, and despite thousands of people approving several announcer packs on the workshop, there has only been one (?) announcer approved from an outside source (i.e. not a Valve-related intellectual property). It's not because the works are bad either; a dozen or so of them are incredibly high quality and fit well into the overall tone of the game. Why they are being rejected seems to be a huge mystery after so many hundreds of hours have been spent on these projects.

    Knowing this, is it worth it to work on an announcer pack when failure is almost completely guaranteed? Could anyone clarify why something like the Spirit of the Dire announcer isn't available in-game when it seems to meet every one of Valve's criteria? Are outside announcers even being considered for placement in the game?

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    Hi! i would like to do a personal announcer for myself and a friend, is that possible? is there any easy way to do this? can i just swap some soundfiles in the dota 2 folder for a new recorded line?
    i want it to be as simple as possible. any custom made programs made for announcers?

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    So are multilingual announcers allowed? I was thinking of making one in Hindi. Will be awesome! Lemme know guys!

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    I'm not sure they currently accept multilingual announcers, but you could always try!

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    is there's an easy way to create custom announcer in different language and use it personally or submit it to Dota 2 store? please share what you know about this

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