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Thread: HOWTO: Make Your Own Announcer

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    HOWTO: Make Your Own Announcer

    Would you like to make your own Community Workshop Announcer, become the toast of the community and the envy of your friends? With the attached guide and spreadsheet, you can learn how!

    The basic idea is that you record several lines for each event that the announcer comments upon, such as "top tower under attack" and "roshan has fallen to the dire." You'll store these lines as a directory of .WAV files. Using the provided spreadsheet as a template, you indicate which .WAVs correspond to which events. Package and submit the spreadsheet to us as a workshop item through the game client. If your directory of .WAVs is too big to fit into the upload quota, you can upload them to a file-hosting service such as Dropbox and provide us with a link inside the submission.

    You should record your sound as 16-bit PCM .WAVs for maximum quality, but it's okay to compress them to .MP3 for the initial submission to conserve file size. If your submission is accepted, we'll contact you for the original .WAVs.

    The system is fairly flexible, so it's possible to record lines for your custom announcer that are more specific than the ones in our default announcer. For example, your announcer can have different "your tower has fallen" lines depending on which rank tower fell, or how many seconds of the game have elapsed, or whether it is daytime or not. The guide has details.

    You can make a mega-kill announcer separately from a main announcer, or vice versa.

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