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    (Discussion) New orb effect thread

    Here's what I've observed/tested so far for Crit/Bash/Orbs in DotA2. Fairly obvious, but the 3 no longer interfere with each other compare to DotA1.
    DISCLAIMER: DotA2 being a beta that it is, sometimes things may change and I don't bother re-test everything each patch, so if something changed and I didn't notice, feel free to tell me about it.

    Priority of Orb(Unique Attack Modifiers):
    Going from the top down are highest to lowest in priority.
    Type Example
    %/CD-based Orb1 Maelstorm, Mjolnir
    Hero's skill Mana Break, Frost Arrow, Searing Arrow
    Oldest orb in inventory Morbid Mask, Desolator
    Special exceptions to this rule are Eye of Skadi + a Lifesteal type orb or Searing Arrow, which work together at the same time
    1 These only count as orb only on the attack they proc, and will not override other orb otherwise

    When multiple critical occurs, the highest multiplier take priority, end of story. (Yes, it's that simple, hooray)
    Monkey King Bar's Truestrike is no longer a critical in DotA2, feel free to never again discuss whether it 'stack with X'

    By request of shalafi, some bonus damage's interaction with crits (Lifesteal will heal you for the final damage):
    Source Can Cleave Can Crit Can Lifesteal
    Kunkka - Tidebringer Yes Yes Yes
    Bounty Hunter - Shadow Walk No No No
    Shadowblade - Windwalk Yes No Yes
    Viper - Nethertoxin - Yes Yes
    Naix - Feast Yes Yes Yes
    Diffusal Blade No No No
    Antimage - Mana Break No No Yes
    Riki - Backstab No No Yes
    Ursa - Fury Swipe No No Yes
    Chaos Knight - Reality Rift Yes Yes Yes
    NOTE: The orb that says Yes on Lifesteal require you to have some way of gaining the lifesteal that's not an orb (Vlad aura, Skeleton King)

    Multiple bashes add the damage bonus together, regardless of melee or range.
    Bashes add to your damage, and thus you can lifesteal from them.

    Source Damage Type Stun Magic Immune Hit Siege Hit Tower Note
    Monkey King Bar Magic No Yes No Half damage on siege.
    Skullbasher/Abyssal Blade None Yes Yes No
    Faceless Void - Timelock Magic Yes Yes No Half damage on siege.
    Slardar - Bash Physical Yes No No
    Spirit Breaker - Greater Bash Magic Yes Yes No Full damage on Siege units. Count as extra hit (no lifesteal)
    Sniper - Headshot Physical No No No
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    Currently observed Orb(Unique Attack Modifiers), Critical, and Bash interactions for DotA2

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