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Thread: [Suggestion] Ability to filter live games, and find Friend's Practice Games

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    +1 live matches filtering.

    As for watching friend's games I think it would be great if it were added to the friend's context menu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by w0rm View Post
    +1. Basic filters needed:
    1. Game time [multi-select options: not started yet, ~5mins in, ~15mins in, ~25mins in etc].
    2. Specific hero(es) search [i.e. I want to spectate someone playing a hero I want to learn about].
    3. Show only games that has friends playing in it.
    Some more filters:
    4. Kills per minute (exciting games will have lots and lots of action meaning that it will probably be more fun, though sometimes not so good from a strategical point of view [just yesterday I played a game where the score was 17-17 at the 16minute mark, damn that was crazy ] while a boring game will just be played passively and some times there are games which don't even have 10 kills by the 20 minute mark.. zzzz)
    5. Gold per minute sorting. People want to learn how to farm really fast with certain heroes OR how to push really fast.
    6. Kill differencial (games get more unpredictable depending on how well the score is tied, on the other hand, 20-1 stomps are not that fun to watch..)

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    +1 for the ability to filter Live games. I was going to post a thread on that myself.

    That'll be a great tool for learning new heroes, for example I could filter the list down to games that have Pudge in them and are less than 5 minutes in.

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    I too was about to make a suggestion thread for filtering live games. Since more game modes are being added now, it would be nice to be able to filter the current live list by what mode is being played.

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    This would be awesome! I particularly enjoy watching better/pro players, so being able to search for good players (or those who are streaming live) would really be appreciated. Definitely have filter by heroes, players, and time, and I like the ideas of filtering for kills/minute and gold/minute, although those seem less necessary.

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    I would really like to be able to filter for specific heroes.

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