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Thread: dota 2 can be hacked?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blash365 View Post
    that is not a hack and not an advantage at all.
    it's simply the hitbox of each unit.
    *collision box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Typhox View Post
    *collision box.
    "A hitbox is an invisible box (or more often a series of boxes) which define the rough shape of a model for purposes of damage-based collision detection. A typical model within a game is much too high-poly to perform real-time hit calculations on, so hitboxes are used instead."*

    Please stop being such a pretentious asshole. You're correcting moderators to try and seem smart. This does the opposite, especially when you're wrong.

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    in this case typhox is right.
    hitboxes is the term when speaking about ego-shooters. collision box is a better term in this case.

    doesnt matter anyway, since both simply check whether a mouseclick/point lies within the bounds of the given cube.

    while an egoshooter might be a bit easier when displaying hitboxes, this is not the case in dota.
    you might be able to click a bit easier with your mouse (since the boxes should also be the "hitboxes" for unit selection), but that advantage is pretty dimishing in contrast to the horrid visuals.

    i'm closing this now.
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