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Thread: [Fixed] Charge of Darkness and immobilizing spells

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    [Fixed] Charge of Darkness and immobilizing spells

    Spirit breaker able to cast charge of darkness and stun targets while immobilized. It works with all(?) immobilizing abilities.

    Repro Steps:
    1) Pick SB and lvlup charge
    2) Cast on him Ensnage (naga, troll or spirit bear) or Frost bite
    3) Cast Charge on any enemy target

    SB will stay on same place and target will be stunned after sb "reaches" target. If target was far enough to disable end on SB, he will acting weird (walking around with charge animation and unable to hit anything) and will be unable to cancel charge until it hits target.

    Expected Result:
    Charge goes on CD, SB stays on same place while disabled, nothing happens to target.

    PS. Found another thread about bug here (part "C"), but i decided to create new one with clearer and better description.

    Edit by Buny:
    List of spells which don't fully cancel Charge of Darkness when cast during the disable:
    • Crystal Maiden's Frostbite
    • Naga Siren's Ensnare
    • Meepo's Earthbind
    • Treant Protector's Overgrowth
    • Spirit Bear's Entangling Claws
    • Dark Troll Summoner's Ensnare
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    This was reported before/already on the list, albeit the original post is fairly confusing as it has another bug mixed in. Anyway common bug list: ['12.07.26] Charge of Darkness stunning the target, while baratrum is nowhere nearby

    Should probably link this thread instead of the other one as it's more informative.

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    agreed, changed the link in the sticky.
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    Not fixed. Still an issue.

    EDIT: Watch bot dire rax for the replay

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    I swear I posted in a similar thread... Anyway - IMO charge should be silenced while he is immobilised, it makes no sense for it to work as it does in WC3 where it instantly fails, wasting the skill.

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    Spirit Breaker and Frostbit Interaction

    Spirit breaker using charge of darkness while frozen with frostbite is currently bugged.

    In match 154407339 at 33:20 or so, spirit breaker is chasing crystal maiden. She turns around and frostbites him and runs away. His response is to use charge of darkness. When this happens, Spirit breaker stays still within the frostbite. However, the units around him are stunned as he begins his charge, and CM is stunned after several seconds of running with the sound of SB hitting her. However, he has not moved at this point.


    1: Game with CM and SB
    2: CM cast frostbite
    3: SB cast charge of darkness while frozen.

    SB stays still, while CM is charged and stunned by an invisible unit. I don't know what the intended interaction is, whether Charge gets him out of frostbite, or whether he shouldn't be able to charge. However, I don't think it's supposed to be both.

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    Tried this out and it's still not fixed.
    It's bugged with every entangle and ensnare spell. I added a list of them to OP.

    And it's not that the target of charge just gets stunned.The charge almost fully works still when you cast it during an ensnare/entangle.

    -Every unit in the path will get hit by Greater Bash like if Spirit Breaker charged through them.

    -The charge target will get hit by charge stun and Greater Bash like if Spirit Breaker reached the target.

    -Spirit Breaker himself will not be moved by the charge, neither during the ensnare/entangle, nor after it expired.

    -When the ensnare/entangle expires, Spirit Breaker will not be able to move in any direct, BUT towards the charge target (you have to order him to move in direction of the target, else he just doesn't move at all). He has no unobstructed pathing.

    -Spirit Breaker can not perform any attacks and cannot cast Nether Strike during the "charge", until the charge "finishes" (when the target gets stunned and bashed)

    -He can use items, though if it's point/single target item, then the target has to be between Spirit Breaker and the charge target

    -When the charge "finishes", Spirit Breaker gets an attack order on the target, so he will start walking towards it.

    -This whole lasts, until Spirit Breaker would have reach the target with the charge.

    I think that's all. In DotA1, as seen in the video, the charge simply gets instantly canceled and wasted.
    A more elegant solution imo would be to make charge fully getting disabled during ensnares/entangles, like how blinks get fully disabled ("can't cast while rooted").
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    On the other hand, if you are good enough you can start casting it while still ensnared so that it gets casted after the ensnare ends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamanics View Post
    On the other hand, if you are good enough you can start casting it while still ensnared so that it gets casted after the ensnare ends.
    Well 2 options.

    Make it like in DotA1, can be used but has no effects -> gets wasted
    MAke it get disabled like blinks, not like in DotA1 -> no way to get wasted, but can't start casting it right before ensnare ends.
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