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Thread: Auto attacks of certain Int-Heroes

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    Auto attacks of certain Int-Heroes

    Im sorry if this thread already exists!

    Hello, in my opinion there are too many Int range Heroes that are using the same Sound when auto attacking.. just out of my head here are some heroes that share 1 sound effect: invoker, Natures prophet, Warlock. those are the 3 that i played recently and of which i am a 100 % sure.. i guess there are a few more but im not sure about them so im not writing them in. but i guess other heroes with staffs have the same one. i think they should be differed a little more.

    regards asyncD
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    Rubick as well.

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    Dazzle and Keeper of the Light share a sound effect.

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    They get there on sounds over time. I remember as I joined the beta, nearly every ranged hero had the same sound. Only the heroes with arrows, zeus, storm, puck and enigma had their own.
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