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Thread: End Of Game Bug

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    End Of Game Bug


    Sometimes when the game finishes, instead of seeing my name, I see "Playername" and the xp bar full. Then it goes and the Dota2 menu and i see reconnect/quit but none of these options work. If I leave dota2, and then come back, the game is not in the history game and I havent earn the xp of the game. It already happens a few times. Could you fix it?


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    This often occurs when there is a server crash or maintenance (stats will not count - nor your game - nor you will receive items / exp) *Depending on the duration
    If there are no signs of server crash or maintenance, then it could be just a small bug and you will still receive the EARNED exp and items.

    If you are IN-GAME and on VERY RARE occasions, you could type "sv_cheats 1" in console and use cheat commands.
    (sometimes the game/stats will count - sometimes not)

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