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Thread: Queuing by language selection

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    Queuing by language selection

    First of all sorry if this was brought up before but I couldn't find anything.

    My suggestion is to the queue system, maybe you could tick a couple of boxes on what languages you speak and queue with only these people?
    It's a team game and it's really hard to coordinate when you get someone that only speaks their native language. I also believe that these players would like to be able to play with others that can understand them.
    I've had a couple of games recently with people that doesn't speak english and it made the game a lot harder than it needed to be, for both parts.

    I'm unsure how hard this would be to implement but it would be a very nice feature to the current queuing system in my opinion.
    (For example you should tick English, Russian and Spanish as languages and Europe, Russia and US East as servers and you would be matched against people that have either of these ticked as well)

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    It wouldn't work. People would just tick them all in hopes of reducing queue time. However, there should be an optional side-queue that only pools people from the area you select on the server map. So, if I select US East, only people from US East (assuming you're from US East) will be in the pool waiting to queue instead of the swarms of Brazilians and Russians in the current one. Call it a Local Queue.

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    This has been suggested plenty of times before, and is in the wrong section as well.
    Closing this.
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