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Thread: [Intended?] NS Hunter in the Night Ability

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    [Intended?] NS Hunter in the Night Ability

    In DotA 1 if you leveled up Hunter in the Night (Night Stalker) during the day there would be two seconds (guestimate, not sure of the actual duration) where the ability would act as though it were night time and you would get the MS/AS buff, then it would switch to day time mode. You could also save up 2-3 ability points and when needed put them all into HitN, during the day, to get a larger MS/AS boost for the short period of time. This doesn't exist in DotA 2, intended??? Also, this is based on experience from DotA 1, if this has changed in the past six months then you can close this as a false report.

    This was a one time chance. It did not happen each time you leveled HitN during the day, only the very first instance of leveling the ability. And yes I'm aware it makes no sense to receive a bonus during the day, but this is how it worked in DotA 1 and I miss being able to use this to my advantage during early laning.

    1. Pick Night Stalker
    2. Make sure it's day time
    3. Hit level seven, then put four points into Hunter in the Night (Four points of the MS/AS is more noticeable, it can be any amount from level 1-4)

    No hunter in the night bonus' received

    Expected Result:
    You get a very brief bonus based on the current level of hunter in the night.

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    I think it's pretty much intended, cuz such behaviour is not the part of the skill, but prolly wc3 engine, which took time to realize that it's daytime befor adjusting the bonus
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    added to intended fix list.
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