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Thread: How To Get Animations In Maya?

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    How To Get Animations In Maya?

    How can we import or use the animations for the the dota 2 models within maya or another similar program? I've tried using the .ma that is included in the download on the main site but that seems to lack any animations. Is that normal?

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    Yes, the MA file doesn't contain animations. I believe you have to grab them from the actual DotA 2 files, using GFScape to unpack the files, and then the Source tools for Maya to import them.
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    I used this guide to get the mdls and then extract the smds from those. Extracting the main mdl (in this case dragon_knight.mdl) yields a bunch of smds, one that is dragon_knight_model_dmx.smd that contains most of the actual model information and then a bunch that have (what I assume) are animations contained in them. Unfortunately when I import the dmx.smd into maya and drag the time slider there doesn't seem to be any frames of animation. Importing the animation name smds seems to the joints and that's it, dragging the time slider there also does nothing so as far as I can tell there's no animation there.

    Is there a step I'm missing, do I need to import two into one maya scene, or does this not work as well?

    Here's all the SMDs that came out of dragon_knight.mdl.
    Here's the model after importing dragon_knight_model_dmx.smd into maya.

    Also maya does toss me an error when I import the animation name smds that reads
    // Error: end of file readched without tag triangles //
    Doesn't seem too important but what do I know.
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