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Thread: [Fixed?] Time Lapse initializes when the skill is learned

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    [Fixed?] Time Lapse initializes when the skill is learned

    basically when you skill weavers ult and move around the time lasp will only start remembering the location of where the skill was learned and not the actual 5 seconds before hand. not sure if this is intended or not but if you learn the spell then instantly ult thinking ur going to back to whatever location/hp/mana you were at you instead end up going to the previous location. think this was a engine limitation for dota 1 of which it may be the same way.

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    a similar bug for glympse is already on the sticky.

    1. ['12.07.16] Glympse Target Position is not initialized until Glympse is skilled

    i thought i had added this one too already, i guess i was mistaken.
    gonna add it now.
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    I had the same bug, matchid 121042140 (dota2://matchid=121042140&matchtime=664)
    using time lapse only brought me back to the moment I skilled it and not the intended 5 seconds. Tested the same thing in the latest warcraft III dota version where it works properly even after just learning Time Lapse.

    Don't know if theres any point in posting this at all since its aleady confirmed but I guess it won't harm either. I just hope it will get fixed soon, because it is really annoying and makes weaver less fun than he was.

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