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Thread: Animation Offset? Rigged Properly? HERE IS A VIDEO!

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    Angry Animation Offset? Rigged Properly? HERE IS A VIDEO!

    Hey guys, I am having some serious troubles, I've literally plowed through many of the problems I've already had, but this one has me totally stumped. I'll just link to the video so you guys can see for yourselves... any help is appreciated!

    You can also see my rigged SMD and unrigged OBJ here... ( Yes their are chain links missing, don't worry about that )
    If it asks for a username: vlad
    and if it asks for password: imawesome

    Thanks in advance! and after probably too!!

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    I've still been trying everything, I cant figure this out >.<!

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    I'm guessing you're using blender?

    It worked fine for me rigging it in Maya...

    I only skinned it to the Head_1 bone. Exported as FBX and imported into the workshop.

    edit: It appears you likely skinned it to the Spine_3 bone, which isn't right for a hat, heh. After skinning it to that bone, it gives a near similar result to your video.
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    Hmmm, well your bang on, I am using blender, but I did not rig it to the spine because I was able to watch all the animations in blender and it looked perfect... but I am exporting as SMD, I will try FBX. I am very thankful that you did this and I sure hope I can get this right.

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