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Thread: Anceint Destruction Bug and connection issues

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    Anceint Destruction Bug and connection issues

    So I just finished a frustrating game and had a very weird visual bug. I'm attaching a screenshot. Also, I've been having lost of connection issues lately. I used to be able to play perfectly with around 20-30ms latency and a few weeks back I've started getting really weird hiccups. Sometimes I will freeze for 10+ seconds, and lately when I ping I get upwards of 70% packet loss sometimes with up to 1500ms delay. So is this a server problem or what's going on? I'm also attaching my DxDiag in case that's necessary. DxDiag.txt2012-08-19_00001.jpg

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    This is the wrong section, this is for Workshop bugs.
    That is the correct place
    I have experienced this bug once before as well though, but that was back in May. Havn't had it happen since. The only thing we have in common is 64bit Win 7 Ult. I have GTX 460's, you have 560.
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