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Thread: Unable to rejoin game in Team Matchmaking

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    Unable to rejoin game in Team Matchmaking

    Played a team matchmaking game. After the draft I had to restart my computer due to internet/lag issues. It took me a while to reconnect to steam (because steam had to update for some reason) but the game was paused and they did wait for me. When I was back in Dota 2 I was unable to reconnect to the game.

    As far as I know I did not get an abandon for the game. According to my friends, in the game it showed that I was connected to the game. They were unable to control my unit or sell my items. No one else was able to leave the game either without getting an abandon. So my friends were forced to play 4v5.

    I was also able to spectate the game and as a spectator it showed that I (as a player) was disconnected. In the replay it also shows me as "disconnected".

    Is this a known bug? Did I do anything wrong when I closed Dota 2 that could have caused this?

    Match ID: 135878753

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    No, you did nothing wrong. It seems that sometimes the server crashes (so the description of the devs, but the game is still there, it's just the "connection" between you and the server). In such cases you shouldn't receive an abandon, but this seems to happen sometimes.

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