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Thread: [Suggestion] Commentators in random live games

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    [Suggestion] Commentators in random live games

    I think that it would be great fun to spice up the live spectator mode with first of all, voice communications. This way people can accually discuss and learn alot about tips and tricks.
    But there is also two more things that would work awesome along with it.

    1. People being able to add a commentator feature. So if a game has 200 viewers, people can tune in to one guy who said he want to commentate the game. This could turn any
    random pub game into something really awesome.

    2. To make people even MORE excited would to have a feature that could save these audiofiles by the commentator so that the players themselves could watch a replay when they are
    being commentated. If you would have a guy screaming how awesome you are in a random pub game when you just killed 4 people. It would be like you are in the invitational!

    This would be soo awesome.. <3

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    I wholeheartedly support this awesome idea.

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    I would love this feature, especially if we could rate commentators to make the good ones more visible.

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