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Thread: Suggestion: Courier Shift-Queue Improvements

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    Suggestion: Courier Shift-Queue Improvements

    I think this might be semi-related:

    One major problem I have with the courier is that the deliver command will ALWAYS make the courier go back after delivering. If you shift queue commands after that, it seems to do those commands after it returns to the base. What I suggest: After a deliver order, the courier should only return to base if it has no commands shift queued.

    Consider this scenario:

    1. I drop an item to make room in my inventory
    2. I put items on the courier and tell it to deliver
    3. I shift queue it to pick up the item I dropped then return it to stash

    What happens: courier flies out, delivers items, returns to base, then flies back out to pick up the item, then flies back again
    What would be better: courier flies out, delivers, picks up, then returns

    Currently the only way to do this is to shift-drag all the items from the courier into your inventory or do some slot management on the courier and have it pick up the dropped item first. Both ways are inconvenient.

    Another scenario:
    1. Player 1 is using the courier
    2. I shift queue a grab item+deliver items
    3. Player 2 wants to use the courier

    What happens: While the courier is returning after delivering player 1's items, the courier status shows that it is returning to base. Player 2 would be unaware that I shift-queued some commands so they might order the courier around, which would cancel my orders.
    What should happen: the courier would do my grab command after delivering player 1's items. This would show that I am using the courier on the courier status, so player 2 (hopefully) wouldn't take the courier in that time.

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    the autoreturn should not be issued after a movement command.
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    I support this.

    The current courier system got room for quite some improvements. This suggestion might be the best.

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    This is quite needed.

    But, more importantly, there should be automatic queue when multiple players use "courier delivery" option, so none would mess everyone else's deliveries (or having to wait until current delivery runs out b4 commanding new delivery).

    Of course, any other command (like click ordered movements) should keep cancelling previous orders, like for changing route from an attacking enemy hero.

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    This would be a nice tweak for the couriers AI indeed.

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    Please fix courier ending queued actions after delivering items

    This is a huge problem. After the courier delivers items, any actions in queue are forgotten and by default it goes back to the fountain.

    Example, I am using my own courier as the jungle. I tell the courier to deliver me my bottle, shift queue move to a safe area in the jungle, so that after I use up the charges, I can give it back to the courier to be refilled. Instead of staying in the jungle where I told it to go, it gives me my bottle and then goes back to the fountain.

    Is there a known way to stop this from happening?

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    I figure the courier is given a return command whenever it delivers something, instantly overwriting any and all commands you have queued. Or they have tied it down to one action. If the former applies, maybe a settings box to disable courier "helper" should suffice.

    One should note that, if done properly, the courier is more responsive in dota1, despite all of its problems.

    "Dumb down the game" done backwards...

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    It's not needed at all.

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