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Thread: International 2014 Music Pack Tracks Not Playing Properly (Spectate Mode)

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    International 2014 Music Pack Tracks Not Playing Properly (Spectate Mode)

    I was spectating a game with the new music pack equipped, and I noticed that certain tracks were missing, and the original music track would play instead. The ones that were apparently being replaced are roshan_end (when Roshan is killed), and all the Radiant/Dire victory/defeated tracks (radiant_win, radiant_lose, dire_win, and dire_lose). All of the tracks mentioned above would be replaced with the original tracks.

    This is what I discovered when I was in spectator mode, and I tried spectating other games and the same thing would happen. I haven't tried testing it while playing a match, so I can't confirm if any of the tracks are missing while you are playing the game yourself.

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    I'm having the same issue, although during normal games too, not just in spectating mode. Good thing I spent 15 euros on a compendium recently, just for the music pack. (Which Valve advertised as non-marketable - turns out it sells for below 0,10 Euros on the market as of now.)
    All I get is the respawn music, the rest is dead silence. Verifying cache or other solutions do not seem to work. That's money well spent right there...

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