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    Streamed games

    It seems like the beta is becoming significantly bigger - and with a lareger population comes more disrespectful people. Seems like more and more leaks come out everyday - even worse is they almost always have no context or explanations, simply "heres a screenshot, make what you want from it". I'd really like to see one or two people being able to stream themselves playing games to show the other side of the game. I mean, I don't really think there's much to hide now; the shop UI has been leaked, the new UI frontpage is leaked, etc...

    I think a lot of people would really like streamed games and it would show what happens from a first person perspective and how the game is played.

    What do you guys think?

    A potential con I can think of is there should be absolutely no flaming, so it might have to be restricted to inhouse practice games
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    i am pretty sure that once the closed beta launches "official" it will be allowed to stream games, at least ive heard that from a couble of different casters and players that all want to stream..

    on a slightly rellated note, since i don't know where else to post this.. is anything being done with the ones leaking stuff.. like this guy - - he didnt even bother to hide his name(checked the friends on the screenshot with the niokiz currently in game and they match, so it's not someone "fakenicking")
    I think its so ungratefull to icefrog and all the other devs at valve, and i do hope there will be taken action against him, if nothing else than the removal of the beta access

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    if those people that filter catches the beta removed from the valve or take some action..

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    We'll have a point where we allow streams in the near future.

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