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Thread: Pennant Item Drop Rate Doesnt Scale

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    I bought a Pennant because I truly wanted to support a team (specifically coL), however if our chances of drop increases I won't be sad. Beside when I think that there are people with ALL Pennants I realize that there is no chance whatsoever.
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    Meh, all these ultra-rare cosmetics do is increase the value of the hat-economy. At this point I'm expecting to see a Diablo III style auction house in Dota 2.

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    I guess Valve didn't really learn from the Golden Wrench thing that releasing cool items but making them rare drops for something which takes little effort makes people flip out. Or they did, and just didn't care. Not everyone, of course, but still a noticeable amount of people (and it has died down now, of course). I watched every game in the main event and quite a few in the prelims, supported a team for every match that I could, and didn't get anything. I would lie if I said I wasn't a little sore at first, but I shrugged it off—with or without rare items drops I had planned to alter my sleep schedule for the International, and I guarantee I would have bought as many pennants as I did if I didn't know there would be item drops.

    However, I personally think the idea of having a drop system for pennants would be improved if they kept the apparently sacred baseball metaphor for the couriers, but also gave lesser, perhaps unannounced, drops more commonly. These could perhaps have been International items that had similar tags that the couriers do.
    Alternatively, only drop couriers, and don't announce them to the stream: only the player who gets them. This would keep a certain mystery about the item drops, and perhaps people would expect them less.

    Still, at the end of the day, it's no big deal. Valve put on an amazing event, and if a few people got rich for doing hardly anything then, "Oh well." *shrug*

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