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Thread: Shift-tab not working

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    Shift-tab not working

    This is really annoying.
    I know in other games, shift-tab might not work if you for example alt-tab while shift is pressed and it gets "stuck" until you press shift once.
    But in Dota2 shift-tabbing doesn't seem to work like 1/4 of the time for me, no matter what keys I try to unstuck.
    The only fix so far I've come up with is restarting the client all together.

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    I have the exact same problem, would be good to see a fix.

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    OVerlay uses a different windows process, it might be closed if there is a problem with it, without affecting the client at all. Like if your PC ran out of memory.

    You might get better help in steam support as the overlay is not dota 2 exclusive.

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