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Thread: [Unconfirmed] Morphling replicate minimap icon on disconnect

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    Question [Unconfirmed] Morphling replicate minimap icon on disconnect

    Hi, im not really sure if bug, or working as it should, but had to post it.


    morphling had already disconnected, so his icon on the minimap should be red, then when morph casted replicate on nortrom this replicate icon was also red, that way is easy to know its not a hero but a replicate.

    Repro Steps:
    Pick morph, lvl up to 6, disconnect, player in the game use replicate on any hero.

    The minimap icon turns red (like it was also disconnected)

    Expected Result:
    the icon should be the same color of the original hero.

    Im not sure about this, correct me if im wrong please.

    Also, sorry for my horrible english hehe

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    added to sticky.

    just to be sure though.
    i think the replica was changed to have the color of the replicated hero now.
    that would mean the replica might now have his disconnect color too.
    can anybody verify this?
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