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Thread: A future hero that speaks in rhymes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xf11 View Post
    If the person who does riddles looks anything like this guy I will be happy forever

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    a hero who speaks in riddles would be another nice idea.

    "What is barreled, volatile and remote controlled? oh and below your feet!"

    "I spy with my little eye a device that tells you good bye."

    many more.
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    Oh, did I say riddles? I meant rhymes, but hey, nothin wrong with a riddles either haha ;D

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    Quote Originally Posted by dresmasher View Post
    sounds like that annoying bard for neverwinter nights 2, would pass
    He was so damn annoying never used him . Idk I think just a few lines like this could be cool but it would get real old real fast.

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    just as long as he'll have something different to each heroes, its all good.

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