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Thread: [Confirmed] Dazzle ultimate tick count

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    [Confirmed] Dazzle ultimate tick count

    It says that Dazzle's level 1 ultimate lasts for 12 seconds and adds (in my case) 1 armor per second, however, when I cast it, I see only 11 armor added. Shouldn't it be disabled at +12 armor instead of +11 armor ?

    Or for short: shouldn't the first armor bonus (or penalty) be applied since the cast and not one second later ?

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    Confirmed. I just tested it in Dota 1 and Dota 2.
    In Dota 2 weave kicks in a second later, therefore resulting in 1 armor less over the entire time (so in Dota 1 the first tick is while casting, in Dota 2 it's one second after casting).

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    added to sticky.
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