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Thread: Paid in-game but can only access spectator mode.

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    Paid in-game but can only access spectator mode.

    Hi all.

    I received the dota 2 spectator mode client a while ago.

    I then decided to pay for the full game, and did so "in-game".

    I got a receipt from valve/steam wallet, but when i relogged in to the game it was still in spectator mode.

    Now its been a week and I've spent several hours in steam/dota2 trying to solve the problem.

    Im 100% sure they charged the amount from my credit card.

    Anyone heard of this issue before?

    Im not sure who to contact, dota 2 or steam support?

    All Best


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    huh.that is weird. have you try to reinstall/redownload the client?
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    Sure, a few times. My m8 got the exact same problem.

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    You need to go to your Steam profile -> Inventory -> Dota 2 -> Select the Dota 2 Invite and Activate it
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    Also bought the game and can't play - Spectator only version...

    I'm having the same problem.

    Purchased the invite bundle (2 invites and gear), downloaded the game through Steam and installed. Clicked on play now but it says I have the spectator only version and that I need to buy the game...

    I don't have any activation packs or anything in my Steam Inventory under Steam or Dota 2. It says I own the game in Steam but when I launch Dota 2 I can't play as it asks me to purchase the game...

    have emailed Steam, no reply - anyone have any ideas?

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