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Thread: Cant play with bots in Dota 2 Test

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    Cant play with bots in Dota 2 Test

    As the title says i cant play with bots in dota 2 Test
    the game stays in Finding Server counting the seconds
    idk if theres someone with the same problem any help
    dota 2 test btw i dont play against bots in dota 2
    pd: srry im not that good at enlgish

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    you shouldnt play on dota 2 test at the moment in the first place.
    it's usually the version where a version is tested before it goes live.
    the last couple of patches (around 2 weeks of them) didnt go that road though, so the test version is heavily outdated. one of those patches might have changed the client-server-interaction.
    wait til the normal patch workflow applies again. then dota 2 test will be viable again.
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