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Thread: Suicidal Bots

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    yesterday i played with a friend vs bots and they still dive into 2 towers (t1 and t2) and/or even base towers. Just to get a kill on a low hp enemy. Especially Tiny and Tidehunter were chasing around half of the map into our creepwaves, towers etc. They do this no matter how much hp they have left or no matter how much they get attacked/harassed on their way. This is kinda annoying

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    How about the Lv. 1 Blademaster Kamikaze, Yurnero(AIBot) chased a hero(AIBot) till 2nd tier tower (almost at 3rd tier) both are dead

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    Just played as Razor with 4 bots against a team of 5 bots. Windrunner Bot in my team was over-eager at attacking the mid tier 2 tower; finally, she died tanking it while Blademail was activated. This should be fixed.
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    The bots are decent at defending towers, but the same thing can't be said about attacking them, they will just dive them and suicide

    I had a game where Lina and Tiny dive the t1 bot tower with 2 enemy heroes there and another one teleporting in..

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