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Thread: Scaleable Lobby-UI after game resolution

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    Scaleable Lobby-UI after game resolution

    Hi, I have a suggestion. I suggest that the lobby is scaled by ones resolution, because right now it feels like very mashed together into a mess. I can't say that I'm a fan of the UI at all and I'll probably be making a visual suggestion to how it could look, but for now the biggest issue is that it should scale after ones resolution.

    For example. If you have a 640-res, the Lobby-UI would be the same, but if you for example if you have a higher resolution, the text will be smaller, parts in the hud will be smaller (just like with any other ui). Right now my res is 2560x1600 and the feel of it is very claustrophobic.

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    The Main menu UI Will probably be focused on later in the beta, in game related work seems to be the primary focus of the devs. The whole UI really could use a remake tbh (not to be rude or anything its just not as good as it could be).
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