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Thread: Lone Druid - Cloak of the Dawn - graphics bug

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    Lone Druid - Cloak of the Dawn - graphics bug

    This item seems to be bugged a little. In the back the tabard doesn't go undernearth LD's belt which causes it to clip the weapon and hide the weapon's hilt completely. This makes the blade part of the weapon clip through the cape. This really doesn't seem like intended and figured I'd report this as a bug as I didn't find other threads about this issue. Hoping for a fix, have a nice day.

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    Bug still present

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    Bump. Please fix it.

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    Bump, with a comparison shot.


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    Please fix this, Chemical alia has even said she does want it fixed but valve is extremely slow to accept cosmetic changes. This is my favorite item in the game and I want it fixed so baddly!

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    Edit: Somebody please explain me what is the point of this forum?

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