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Thread: [Confirmed] Invisibility fade time not granting phase

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    [Confirmed] Invisibility fade time not granting phase


    Invisibility doesn't give unitwalking (only tested for BH though) while you are fading (when it should - not talking about riki or tree invis)


    1) Pick BH and level 1 level into shadow walk (windwalk)
    2) Spawn a furion and summon treants to block your BH
    3) Shadow walk and try to run out of it


    You stand there for the whole second while you fade (level 1 it is most noticable as it has a 1 second fade time)

    Expected result:

    You get phased movement (unitwalking) instantly and can thus walk through the trees as soon as you cast shadow walk
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    for a second there I thought you were talking about sprout. Anyways in dota1 you gain unit walking as soon as you cast it. Definitely a bug. Adding to the sticky.
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    Can confirm this, phase through ability applies after fade time is over, not instant as it should.

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