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Thread: Invoker Tornados Killed Modifier Messed Up

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    Today the battle hunger kills dissapered from my cloak, but it didnt revert to tornado kills and i didnt get the tornado kills item back. Is it that hard to fix? This problem has been known for some time now...

    EDIT: Issue has been fixed and tornado is now showing up. case closed. Thank you valve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IRCat View Post
    So it's beta, what of it? Valve are selling stuff inside the game, and some of that stuff isnt working as intended so it should get fixed. By your logic a customer never has the right to complain since the developer can just say "Chill man, my ice cream machine is in beta, i cant help if black poo comes out instead of ice cream. Geez, you need to chill man..."
    It's Beta which means bugs are bound to happen. It means if the Ice Cream comes out overflowing you give them the opportunity to make another one considering it's both still in heavy development as well as free, as well as them saying they weren't doing any major gameplay changes during the Internationals.

    Ungrateful bloody troll.

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