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Thread: Non Animated Recluse Reef Denizen - how is that even remotely possible?

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    By Maelrawn the Tentacular, the Lurker in the Whirlpool!

    Thanks for this huge improvement over the frozen stick fish. Still not really as flashy as wyvernguard or howling bow, but it's something one can settle with.

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    lol they fix it , it looks like they read the forums

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    sadly, it's still nowhere near as good as wyvernguard or bow of the howling winds... but whatever..

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    Quote Originally Posted by marek View Post
    lousy(quality very bad) t-shirt
    +1000 t-shirt quality is very very very bad. 25$ for a very thin 50% cotton 50% polyester t-shirt?... really? I thought at least they where 100% cotton... I just ordered axe's and tide's and I'm very disapointed with quality, neither worth 5$ both... I feel scammed... FYI i bought them because I kinda collect geek t-shirts and those 2 are the worst 2 I ever bought.

    Also I'm really amazed about people complaining about the gift when the real sheet is the t-shirt... If you dont like the gift then why you buy the t-shirt only because the gift? I hadn't information about t-shirt quality because you cant apreciate materials on photos and store and noone in forums said its 50% poly, if it had been said I would have consider buying 2 of them, but there's plenty of youtube videos showing the genuine items quality, why you bought it? I'm seriously amazed.

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