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Thread: Party in the team

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    Party in the team

    Hey today i was playing cm mode and my team was I and 1 party of 4 ppl. I was capt and I did my picks but the other players didnt liked it. They were all like I will report you etc. Was I wrong or they can report me for that?
    Name Acedia game id: 39484098

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    Of course they can report you for it. However that is not what the reporting system is for. I guess that the Valve employees will just ignore them. The reporting system is for when someone is either abusing some bug, mouthing off in game, being really hostile, intentionally feeding etc. Look at the categories in the reporting system.

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    y i know but i was capt and i thought those picks were good. Im not very good at picking but capt is choosen randomly and i was capt. look at this post too
    Is that fair?

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    Couldn't you ask them what they wanted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VenomBHz View Post
    Couldn't you ask them what they wanted?
    They wanted leshrac but panda seemed better for me. Some team discuss the picks some only capt picks it. Im the second one

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    Today I got reported by at least 4 people whom I got teamed up with. They were mates and wanted me to go solo bot whilst they claimed top for a tri lane. When I refused to do so and went top and they bot with their tri lane they reported me and even said people on their friends lists were going to report me too.

    I guess you can just hope that someone will actually check the submitted reports and you won't get blindly penalised...

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    use the sticky to provide feedback.

    the reports you described should not be valid.

    Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

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