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Thread: [Suggestion] Dota 2 missing call hero preview

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    [Suggestion] Dota 2 missing call hero preview

    One of the main problems with Dota 2 is the hero terminology, new players wont understand the dota 1 terminology. For example if i said: "Furion is mia", new players wont know who "Furion" is and will be confused, so i came up with an idea based on my inspiration of playing Guild Wars 2. In Guild Wars 2 when you Shift + Click on a item, the item will appear on the all chat and there will be a preview of it if you hover over it, this is very useful in a dungeon when you have an item that isn't for your profession and you want to know if anyone in the party wants it.

    I suggest that when you type in a hero is missing, a hero preview will appear next to the hero name, with the color of the player next to it. Eg. Tinker (PICTURE OF TINKER) is missing!
    This should also apply to the following:
    1. Any UNIQUE acronyms of a hero. eg. PA is Phantom Assassin and only Phantom Assassin. SK can be refered to as Sand King or Skeleton King. eg. "PA is missing" would appear as "PA (PICTURE OF PHANTOM ASSASSIN) is missing". "SK is missing", would not have any picture.
    2. Any hero name or common term that isn't copyright eg. Motred, Rylai, Traxex.
    3. Only apply to the 10 heroes inside the game, so players cant spam random heroes for the lulz.

    So to summaries when a player types in "a hero is missing" a picture of the hero should appear next to the text. This should also include the both the hero name, title, common terms of referring to a hero and acronyms. But this should only apply to the 10 heroes in the game.
    I cant use Photoshop so i tried to get the idea with paint.

    Guild Wars 2 Item Preview:
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