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Thread: Update Notes - September 12, 2012

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    Update Notes - September 12, 2012

    - Made significant performance improvements to model loading and rendering.
    - Added iG to the Hall of Fame.

    - Fixed a bug where a Blink Dagger could be used post-stun even if it should have been disabled due to damage.

    - Settings dialog sliders no longer go to 11.
    - The loadout screen now shows how many items you have for each slot (so you don't have to page in and out of each slot to find items).
    - The Gold and XP graphs will now update immediately when a broadcaster opens them.
    - The Shop combine tree is now animated.
    - The center item in the combine tree now shows purchasable border.
    - The buyback indicator in top bar displays for 10 seconds.
    - Pinging dropped items now prints the item to team chat, similar to rune pinging.

    - Beefed up Lifestealer's Open Wounds debuff effect.
    - Beefed up Luna's Lucent Beam impact a tiny bit.
    - Made some visual tweaks to Keeper's Illuminate projectile so it behaves better when moving across different altitudes.
    - Slightly enlarged accuracy debuff effect for Keeper's Blinding Light.

    - Added new lines to several heroes.

    - Added Dragon Knight bot.
    - Added Skeleton King bot.
    - Fixed invisible bots getting stuck trying to place wards.
    - Fixed Earthshaker not considering using Enchant Totem to interrupt channels.
    - Juggernaut will no longer try to attack when using Blade Fury, he'll just move to his desired location.
    - Lina should now use Laguna Blade more appropriately (less killstealing of low-health enemies).
    - Bots should now be less likely to bail on a neutral farming target that has a tiny amount of health left.
    - Fixed bug that caused bots to select the wrong item to drop.
    - Fixed bots always assuming that humans were pushing a tower (rather than farming it) if they were in-lane late-game.
    - Fixed bug that was causing too much avoidance from Radiance.
    - Fixed bug where Lina wouldn't use Dragon Slave when pushing or defending a lane.
    - Fixed towers still causing avoidance for a few seconds after they've been destroyed.
    - Bots now better estimate how powerful they are relative to the enemy team.

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    No heroes?=(

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    Interesting... I guess we'll have to wait for 6.75 to get new heroes.
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    ahhh no heros

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    thx for the patch =)

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    No heroes? what

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