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Thread: New Enchantress Hud Portrait.

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    Angry New Enchantress Hud Portrait.

    Hey there guys.
    So about the new enchantress(dota 2 test) hud portrait...well lets say i reaaaly dislike it and would really hear your guys opionion on this matter.
    I always thought that enchantress looked absouluty awesome.

    Edit: The portrait moves now....its even more gross then before

    UPDATE: Her model and hud portrait got change her model looks great again
    Her HUD Portrait well its not bad but not as good as the old one let me hear your opinions on this

    Edit 2 : i just played a quick game with the new ench hud portrait, well its not bad but....meeeeh the old one was soo good.
    Pl0x valve just gief us the old hud portrait back D:
    The new ingame model is great thou it didnt changed much from the original but somehow i like it alot.
    And again let me hear your guys opinion. :)
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    I hope that this will get some attention.
    To me the old one was absolutely gorgeous.
    I think that it speaks for the quality of the model, the fact that I fell in love with a 3D portrait, of a faun no less.

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    please revert, the new one is just awful

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    The change doesn't seem to be an improvement to be honest.

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    Should have added a 3rd neutral option. I don't mind it but still don't know why did they make the change, it's not like anyone was asking for a change to her model.

    But seriously they need to fix the lighting, it's just weird right now.

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    I don't see the problem. It's not much better or worse than the previous one.

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    If you compare the two.

    The Older portrait has more flaws and unique features to it. Nothing looked exaggerated.

    The Newer one has larger animeish eyes and symmetrical features. That I would say look more cartoonish.

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    You can tell the new one isn't even done, it's like the same deal as when pudge got his model updated and it was missing hair.

    Except this time, it's animations, texture/shading, it's obviously a wip.

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    I just checked in the client and I must protest.

    Enchantress was adorable and had a lot of character, and this is not an improvement by any means.

    Quote Originally Posted by thethingexe View Post
    You can tell the new one isn't even done, it's like the same deal as when pudge got his model updated and it was missing hair.
    Yeah but the model is there and she looks like a bimbo. She's got none of the traits that made her recognizable as a centaur / whatever she is.

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    Well the in-game textures and face in the pedestal view looks better. But the original portrait closeup is far better than the new one. I think that is the trade off that the devs know and are waiting on the community for their opinion before letting it slip in. If enough people don't like it then they will try to fix the hero portrait as well as keeping the quality of the current in-game textures. Or at least that is what I hope.

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