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Thread: Enchantress's new face; community poll.

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    The new version looks like some sort of alpha mockup you put in the game before you model the final version. Seriously, it's awful and gives kittens cancer. Change it back please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bleako View Post
    Having high quality textures does not mean it's better. Her face has changed too much, the eyes on her model are bigger. It's not even the same face anymore.
    Hence the second sentence.

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    Sucks change it back.

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    This should probably be an edit to my previous post but what the hell...

    No, the model is not improved. At least not the face (and I haven't seen any model changes elsewhere). It's objectively worse than the old version in terms of modelling. Crappy proportions all over the place. It's not just the eyes that are too big, the mouth and nose are all messed up too. It used to be this happy, slightly mischievous faun that smiled a lot. Now it's a sad, misshapen plastic-surgery-gone-wrong weebo.

    Edit: There should have been a quote somewhere at the beginning, but it apparently saw the new Enchantress, got spooked and decided to drink if off in a bar. I think I'll do the same...
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    Well I can't make up my mind on this one.. It looks weird at first sight but as the time passes I think it actually looks pretty decent.. I loved the 1st one but i think this new portrait looks nice too.

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    brazil uhehue brbr?
    holy shit is this league of legends?
    did she get cancer?

    what the hell valve!

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    i'd be fine with the new model if she wasn't the color didn't seem so pale. dota2 is generally a brightly colored game so i don't get that aspect

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    I like new model and old face.

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    What abou that "armlet" or "bracer" or "ring" that she used on her front leg? That was awesome! Why remove it?

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    I like polls like these. OP clearly favours old ench and therefore only provides good quality pictures of the old one. ha.

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