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Thread: Spectator Mode should be 3 minutes delayed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyn-Ryder View Post
    Lol. That's exactly what I've been thinking, techies is going to be a logistical nightmare for Valve.
    But still he is one of favourite hereos to play with and most hated to play against,Valve will need to find way and add him soon,community need it !

    Thank you IceFrog, Valve and Dota 2 team for everything you doing for Dota 2 community.

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    - you can only spectate a game if you have a friend in that game (must be friend before game starts).
    - This spectate will be limited to friend's team view (like coach) and will be live (10s?).
    - Edge case is having friends in both team. Doesn't really matter what happens in this case.
    - Another edge case is friends of know, when you click watch game on someone who is spectating already.

    Anyways, this will free up huge amount of memory.
    - use all that resources for all games in live tab to set delay to 10 min.

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    This got recognition on Reddit so hopefully Valve takes notice and implements a solution.

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