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Thread: Trade chat channel

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    Trade chat channel

    Would it be possible for Valve to (in the future) make an "official" trade chat channel in-game that has like a 1 post per minute anti-spam system in it?

    Because really, I used to love the whole trading thing in Dota 2 it is an awsome side thing to do when you are not playing, but now the last 10+ items I've gotten that I either didn't want or got doubles of I've just thrown away in hopes of getting something new, since every time I open a custom trade channel I instantly get a headache from all the spamming going on.

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    Yeah recently I thought I'd give trading another try (trading my duplicates of common items for other commons, not trading some rare shit for x keys), entered a trade channel, highly motivated, but gave it up after seeing that 3 guys kept spamming their 4line rare courier key trade shit messages nonstop.

    It's really sad that the everyday standard user who doesn't value the rarity of items over the look has about 0 chance to trade in forums or channels.

    All people are interested in is getting rare couriers or keys, which is okay, but there should be another platform for exchange of standard items like it used to work before all the shit hit the fan.

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