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Thread: [Confirmed] Troll Priests' heal stacks

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    [Confirmed] Troll Priests' heal stacks

    ID: 41034549
    time: about 25:00

    as far as i remember in wc3's dota troll's heal work as a buff, and you weren't able to heal again until this buff ends (like meka[?])

    here, i took 3 troll priests and i noticed that they can heal one unit at the same time, but i'm not sure if it really happened

    can someone clear my mind and deny/correct me if i'm wrong

    + when you eat troll priest with devour, heal doesnt appear as a autocast spell (in wc3 dota it did)
    my english is bad

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    In DotA1, only one unit could heal you with that heal (though it didn't work with a buff).
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    added to sticky.

    the autocast part is on the sticky already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bu3ny View Post
    In DotA1, only one unit could heal you with that heal (though it didn't work with a buff).
    How was it working then ? I remember seeing the icone of the heal in the buff/aura bar

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    When a unit was already being healed by a troll a second troll unit could not heal it. Not sure about the buff, it just doesn't allow healing.
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