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Thread: [Duplicate] Courier Stops Delivery

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    [Duplicate] Courier Stops Delivery

    This is exactly what happens:

    A courier is returning to base from making a delivery, meanwhile another player has the courier deliver items to it; nothing would go wrong if we stop there, but if the courier casts haste while returning to base then it stops the delivery once it arrives (i doesn't even pick up the items from the player's stash) BUT casting the spell wouldn't even cancel the delivery immediately
    This needs no game id to confirm because it happens all the time
    This also has nothing to do with other players controlling the courier

    FIX: Have the "haste" flying courier spell not stopping on-going deliveries

    It would really amaze me if no one has reported or noticed this before so i apologize in advance if this is a repost (it's not listed in any of the bugs on stickies)

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    Ty for reporting it I have been meaning to. I can confirm this, it is pretty annoying.

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    confirm, cant haste the courier if its returning to base it will just stop at base when it arrive.


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