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Thread: [Fixed] Illusions can use muted items

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    [Fixed] Illusions can use muted items

    Muted items (items that belong to other heroes) work on Spectre's ultimate's illusions.

    Have another player drop an item that works on illusions (Radiance/Diffusal)
    Pick up the item on Spectre
    The item will be muted like normal
    Use Spectre's ultimate
    The illusions will have feedback/radiance burn despite the item being supposedly muted
    The items are still muted on Spectre herself

    Spectre's Ultimate's illusions gain item benefits that should be muted

    The items should be muted even on illusions.

    Note, I haven't tested this with other illusion generating spells/items/runes.

    Tested it with Naga's illusion, replicated heroes with muted items and dark seer cloning heroes with muted items and they all had feedback and radiance burn despite being muted items. It just seems illusions in general have item effects despite the items being muted on the heroes themselves.
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    Bump! This is true. Works on many (if not all) illusions including Spectre's Ult, Naga's Mirror Image, PL's Doppelwalk and Manta Style.

    I could reproduce this issue with Radiance's Immolation, Butterfly's 30% evasion effect and Diffusal Blade's mana burn. So only the item effects that would normally work on illusions.
    They don't look "muted" on the illusions anyway...

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    added to sticky.
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    bump! still broken

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    spectre haunt illusion benifit from muted items

    post is NOT in kbl 2.0 ....
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    ^Seems like it wasn't in the old list either.

    Edit: no, this is in the list. This but applies to every illusion and not only haunt illusions, so it's under illusions section in units.
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    Items that aren't yours will still work on your illusions (radiance aura etc)

    Played a game in which a brood (a random) gave my allied spectre (my friend) her radiance and diffusal and the radiance aura and mana burn worked on her illusions ONLY. Seems like something that could be very abusable with naga or other illusion based heroes.

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