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Thread: [Unconfirmed] Bug with spell and items using

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    [Unconfirmed] Bug with spell and items using

    Have some problems with spells and items, sometimes when i use them they don't work,my hero only going in place that i charged and staying with no response, i need to click at least 3-4 times on spell or use item and after that it will work,what can i do? I can't play with this awful bug. I didn't change my config for a long time,reinstalled dota any changes so can you help me? BTW this bug only while playing matchmaking or lobby games, in lobby with bots everything works normally.

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    maybe a latency issue?
    unless anybody can reproduce this, you will need to provide more information.

    does it happen on all heroes?
    does it happen when you use hotkeys?
    do you press any keys such as alt, shift or ctrl at the same time?
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    It happens on all target spells and all items that i need to target on.
    Yes, when i use hotkeys, can't play without them)
    No, i don't press such keys as alt shift and others, btw it started few days ago.

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    And what do you mean about latency issue? I'll answer on your additional questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnalMoryak View Post
    And what do you mean about latency issue? I'll answer on your additional questions.
    Latency issue means that you have a problem with your connection to the server, such as a high ping (measured in milliseconds), or a large amount of packet loss (measured in % received vs sent). You can check both of these in-game by typing "-ping" into chat while playing.

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    Ping is normal ~ 30-40

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