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Thread: [Duplicate] heroes stuck in place, even after death

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    [Duplicate] heroes stuck in place, even after death

    I crashed instantly when i pressed the play button for ck my game crashed. reloaded the game and half the team was stuck running in place and i couldnt see exactly where they were. this was really annoying, as omni would be far out and somehow give vision but the vision was more like a fake-fog as enemies would disappear in the vision of omni.
    he also stayed in place at the fountain after he died, and it showed him gaining levels and projectiles launched across the map at him
    here are some pics,K4RzT,ICi5M,VLCWl,uoivw,9Pc37#0

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    i dont see anything stuck on those screenshots.
    all i see is an incomplete model.
    if that is your bug then it has been reported already.
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