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Thread: Just got a bugged abandon and was put into low priority pool as a result

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    Just got a bugged abandon and was put into low priority pool as a result

    I just played a game where I selected a random hero and immediately after pressing play Dota 2 crashed.
    Of course I restarted Dota 2 immediately and reconnected well within 5 minute window (the game was at ~3rd minute) and regardless of that I got an abandon and was put into low priority pool because of that. This is the second time I'm being put into that shitty pool even though I never leave games on my own accord.
    All 3 abandons were because of crashes, but the last 2 were simply retarded. First time my Dota 2 crashed 3 times consecutively while reconnecting, and the second time is this one. So from 33 total games I now have 3 abandons for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
    While I can understand the previous abandon being due to reconnect time having expired (3 crashes in a row can do that), the last one was not, because I made it within 5 minutes.
    I lost the game but I played it in its entirety, from start to finish. I didn't abandon it. I'm asking whoever's in charge to rectify this and remove 1 abandon and put 1 loss instead.
    This is a completely bugged situation and out of my hands. I sure as hell don't deserve to be in the low priority pool because of these crashes and reconnect bugs. I know this is still beta, but it shouldn't be crashing so much causing people (and me) to get unfair abandons. And don't even get me started on the 5 minute reconnect window which is quite simply ridiculous. But apparently even if you make it within that time frame, you're not guaranteed to not get an abandon.
    I'm putting up screenshots to verify this. (I took the in-game screenshot at 3m34s because I figured I was going to need it 30 sec later; I reconnected at ~3rd minute though, as previously mentioned).
    From the screenshots you can see the time I reconnected at, the stats before the game, the stats after the game and the low priority warning crap.
    You can also see my stats with that hero to verify that I played the game until the end, and replay is also available.
    Now I'm asking those who can to set the record straight. Thank you.
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    you probably were detected as being afk/inactive.
    the system is still wip and sometimes a beta crash will give you an abandon.

    Quote Originally Posted by EricTams View Post
    If you have the MatchID for any games where you received an abandon from a bug then please PM them to me.

    Do the following and send this info with the MatchID:
    - Make sure you haven't shared your password with someone else.
    - Watch the whole replay - Note disconnects for any players and what happens with the abandonment countdown.
    - Note any time where players went idle and the duration of that idle.
    - Check your previous game and see if the Abandon was from that game instead.
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