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Thread: Visual language bugs [Swedish]

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    Visual language bugs [Swedish]

    1234.pngI think its pretty obvious but I'm still gonna comment:

    1. Uppdateringar is too big (Updates) and it crosses the other buttons
    2. The active-buttons (has been posted before) text is too big.
    3. Find match (is still in English)
    4. Update notes (actually all 3 buttons are in English still)

    Hope this helps, much love

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    The SE-Asia "Inactive" is too big in English too. Just thought I'd point that out.

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    The translation of Dota2 is done by the community, so it might be possible that it is still incomplete. Also, it happens sometimes that Valve is a bit behind on the localization updates, so that something is actually translated, but not yet patched into the game.

    (I'm actually doing translation for another language, so I can't say that your comments are noted, but I guess the Swedish team members also visit this forum.)

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