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Thread: [SUGGESTION] 4 Seasons of Dota 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeoStrik3r View Post
    I can't believe people suggesting unnecessary and unwanted shitty things when there are dozens of high fixes and new heros are pending. s***t people

    and that was smart people
    You do realise that in a company that main focus is only games they have different teams for each aspect of the game. Gameplay team / map design team / hero models team and so on. That's why this thread exists.
    Valve doesn't work in the same way as you indian;everywhere I go in UK a indian makes a lousy job on every task possible because he says he knows them all. But they do a poorly job, crappy more exactly.
    Disconnect from the internet pls!
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    ....poor indians...
    ~Never forget~

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