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Thread: Harrasment possibilities with current map

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    Harrasment possibilities with current map

    I am somewhat new to DOTA2 and I have had my fair share of not fun times but this one takes the cake. I recorded what I could but missed most of it.You can see here that Wrench Beater teleported me and another teammate to a spot where we could not get out. I point out in the video other places that he teleported us to. He did this to all our teammates at some point in addition to being extremely foul mouthed and xenophobic. The Viper player ended up leaving.

    I hope that moderators can send this along or something. He was reported but just about everyone but he said he had been doing this for three weeks. If a player doesn't have a port or tango he is stuck till death or rescued.

    Here is the video:

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    #1 always carry a tp instead of 3 slippers
    #2 disablehelp (topleft corner of the screen)
    #3 get a better bone skillbuild

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    #1&3 high mobility hero (here especially since he maxed windwalk fastly) do not need a tp if they move defensively
    #2 On that point, there's indeed something to write about, first, disablehelp should cancel incomming teleportation (if kotl use recall on you, and then you click on disable help, you will get teleported anyway, it will only prevent further teleportation from kotl). In addition, if you are the first to fall under that shit, you cann't prepare yourself, and it's totally out of question, to disable help from every ally every game.

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