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Thread: Greeviltide Fog of War / Vision / Sniper abuse

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    Greeviltide Fog of War / Vision / Sniper abuse

    Now that Juggernaut is fixed, people tend to pick sniper and camp somewhere near the creep spots.
    They wait until the creep is low enough and ulti it. Thus stealing the point without actually doing anything.
    Same for Invoker but there are way more snipers going around.

    Its pretty unfair in my opinion. Disable the ulti on creeps please? ;D

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    how about you go around and kill the sniper. How easy is that. You can do the same for pudge. Just kill the little dwarf

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    lol, there's a diference beetween a bug and a strategy, if he steals it's your fault, just save the hard nukes for the end and kill the creep before sniper can guess when he will be able to steal it, or just kill sniper and then go kill the creep.
    if you cry because ppl steals kills it would be just like crying about the other team comming right when the creep is at low hp, kill your team and get the creep kill.
    btw: by your post i assume that stealling roshan on normal games would be an abuse too?

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